Column by Vinka Ljubimir – United Nations – Path To Survival

Vinka Ljubimir, Croatian psychologist and journalist wrote an interesting column for the readers of CUNA website. The topic of this column is “United Nations – Path To Survival”. Hans Rosling, Swedish medical doctor, academic and statistician in the BBC documentary “Don’t Panic – The Truth About Population”, shown in November 2013., as in many other […]

Budimir Lončar: From the southeastern Europe to the world and back

My topic for today ” From southeast Europe to the world and back”, speaks clearly of the interconnectedness of our world. In addressing this topic, I will share with you some of my thoughts on the current situation in the region. Also, I would like to explore the current relationship between the European Union and […]

Tihomir Vinković: UN Security Council – friendly as it can be

No doubt, the most powerful body of the World organization, as we like to call OUN is the Security council. There is no crisis in the world that was not discussed in that 15 member body. Of course sometimes those with power for that, can refuse to discuss about certain subject and certain situation but […]

David C. Unger: The U.N.’s Lost Decade

The past decade has brought more humiliation than glory to the United Nations. In 2003, Washington shoved aside the Charter, the Security Council and UN weapons inspectors to invade Iraq. Time and again, Iran and North Korea have gamed the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The 2009 Copenhagen Conference failed to […]

President Ivo Josipović: Our efforts and successes are being recognised

Zagreb, 15 October 2011 After returning from New York, Croatian President Ivo Josipović in an interview for the Croatian United Nations Association talks about issues that dominated the discussion at this year’s UN General Assembly, the Croatian position on the international scene, the Palestinian issue and leaving the session during the speech of Iranian President […]

Linda Nordin Thorslund: All about UNA Sweden

The United Nations Association of Sweden (UNA Sweden) is a peoples’ movement for a stronger and better United Nations. UNA Sweden was established in 1957. Today we have around 6,000 individual members organized in 110 local UN chapters and 22 UN districts. In addition, we also have around 100 national organizations as members, eg trade […]