Australian Ambassador to Croatia H.E. Beverly Mercer gives a lecture on “Climate change from Australia’s perspective”

Zagreb, 28 September 2011 – The Australian Ambassador to Croatia, H.E. Beverly Mercer, hosted at the Australian Embassy in Zagreb today more than 20 members of the Croatian United Nations Association. She delivered a lecture on the topic “Climate change from Australia’s perspective”.

The two-hour presentation and discussion that followed, touched upon many of the current guidelines of the topic – from the importance which the phrase “climate change” has in the modern world and the factors that affect the strong presence and actualisation of these topics in Australian society, to the necessity of raising awareness about this issue in societies around the world and scientific research aimed at finding innovative solutions to deal with the consequences of climate change. Regarding the latter topic, Ambassador Mercer pointed out that research helps Australia in terms of developing its own markets and prosperity of the international community.

In her speech, Ambassador Mercer particularly pointed out that with a timely and informed dealing with the theme of climate change much can be achieved in improving the economy of each country and the preservation of our planet Earth, like Australia is just doing.

Members of the Croatian United Nations Association were especially interested in the modes of raising awareness about this issue and the possibility of putting these issues into the focus of the Croatian political life, which is already largely present both in the short and the long run due to their economic implications.

The lecture on climate change from Australia’s perspective is a continuation of the successful cooperation between the Croatian United Nations Association with the Australian Embassy in Zagreb, which started in 2010 within the projects web-columns and UN Academy.

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